KAP7 Head Guard

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KAP7 Head Guard

The KAP7 Head Guard is a swim cap specifically created for head protection. Padded dimples are located on all sides of the Head Guard. The Head Guard fits snuggly underneath any water polo cap and reduces the impact the head takes in a collision up to 30%. Wearing the Head Guard does not mean you can't get hurt. We make the KAP7 Head Guard to reduce some impact, but the doesn't make you concussion proof. 

- Scientifically designed swim cap to reduce impact

- Successfully tested and proven for impact reduction in a laboratory setting

- Silicone Cap fits snug under any water polo cap

- Padded Dimples reduce impact up to 30%

- Unisex, One-size fits all swim cap

- 3 color options: white, red, navy

- Chlorine Resistant material

- Patent Pending